Villalobos & Brouwer

ETUDES is the best colecttion of technical work written for guitar: The 42 Guitar Studes from Heitor Villalobos and Leo Brouwer. After more than 30 years of work, the great guitarist Joaquin Clerch, offers a masterful guitar playing of this music. Also, as a professor in the Robert Schumann Hochschule of Düseldorf, Clerch offers a masterclass in the CD booklet about how to play these works: 30 pages with explanations, fingerings, positions, photographs,…

Heitor Villalobos: Etude VII

Leo Brouwer: Etude 6 IIserie


Joaquín Clerch is an uncommonly gifted musician. In ETUDES, his playing is technically outstanding and highly poetic, and his intellectual capacity for understanding the problems of early music performance is extraordinary.

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