Isla desolada

Tomas Marco: La Isla desolada (select)


Tomás Marco – Luciano González

The preparation of this cantata has its origin in the poetic text written by Luciano González Sarmiento in 2015, which served the libretto for the music composed by Tomás Marco the next year (2016). Organized in five episodes, The devastated island is a description of mankind in her decline, compelled to live in the loneliness of a devastated island, where she faces the agonizing dilemma between life and death, a dilemma solved by the loving experience reconstructed in the warm sea of the Nereids. It is a work of evocative poetics that tries to fuse together music and word, and to flow by all its timbre, prosodic and phonetic parameters, broken-down in each of the characters according to their experiential features. The narrator acts as a “corypheus” transmitting his woes; the shadow (mezzosoprano) as an oracle of predictions; the choir as the collective expression and the discourse nexus between the main characters of a complex plot and the twilight (tenor) that personifies mankind, castaway in the crossroad of her decline, lost in the stagnation of her own nature.


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Tomás Marco (composer): He has been a disciple of K. Stockhausen, P. Boulez, B. Maderna, G. Lygeti and T.W. Adorno. He has composed sound experimentation works (Los mecanismos de la memoria, Misa básica, Concierto austral, Ceremonia barroca, Primer espejo de Falla, etc.) and others that belong to the great symphonic (10 symphonies), theatrical (6 operas and one ballet), and chamber repertory. He has been director of the Centre for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music (C.D.M.C.), general director of the National Institute for Scenic Arts and Music, and he is academic of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was given an Honorary Doctorate by the Complutense University of Madrid.»

Luciano González Sarmiento (Lyricist) He is a pianist of a long and international career, especially in the field of chamber music with the Mompou Trio. He is a writer of research (Psicomotricidad profunda), promotional (Joaquín Achúcarro, desde el piano) and poetic (Sonatina del aire y del viento; La isla desolada) publications. He has been director of the High Performance Artistic Centre of the SEK Educational Institution in Madrid and musical advisor for the Botín Foundation in Santander.»

José Ramón Encinar (conductor): He is Honorary Conductor of the Madrid Community Orchestra and Chorus, musical ensembles of which he has been Head Conductor and Artistic Director for thirteen years. He has also been Head Conductor of the Portuguese National Orchestra and of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra. He has a wide discography as head of various national and foreign orchestras.