Brouwer Guitar Sonatas


Brouwer Guitar Sonatas

Ricardo Gallén, guitar

We are facing the first recording of complete Guitar Sonatas of Leo Brouwer, the most important guitar music composer of the modern era. In his music in general and in his Sonatas for Guitar in particular, tradition is intermingled with the latest stylistic and intellectual tendencies and is not limited only to what is erroneously called “refined music”. The different cultures -from the most tribal to the most elitist ones-, political-social phenomena, religions, the arts in any of their manifestations as well as the same human thought and feeling inspire and feed the Master’s sound world. Consequently, the challenge of recording his Sonatas for Guitar was not so much in the quantity or difficulty of his music, but in trying to show that Ethos originating from his music. From the first sonata to the last one (not composed chronologically speaking) one can appreciate the multitude of ideas coming from his privileged knowledge as a composer and orchestra conductor of the great repertoire and its most hidden ins and outs. It is sometimes evident when he quotes Spanish Renaissance vihuelists such as Mudarra or Milan, but also masters of the stature of Pasquini, Beethoven or Shostakovich. Some other times he lets us glimpse details of the French harpsichord school of the 17th century, sonorities by Scriabin, Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Albéniz, or textures by Stravinsky, Bartok, minimalism, popular music and jazz. Similarly, like the vast majority of great composers, he quotes himself using written material for other instruments or instrumental groups, such as the piano, the flute, the orchestra or the guitar. Any element present in his pieces has an organic importance which gives meaning to the whole ensemble. The golden ratio often appears in his structures, shaping the sound material in groups of measures based on the Fibonacci series as well as on the use of fractals.

Leo Brouwer: Sonata Nº4 “Del Pensador” Imov. (selec)

Ricardo Gallén is a distinguished guitarist with a continuously flourishing career. His inspiring and innovative interpretations place him on the top musicians, while his revolutionary and influential playing and teaching are the best proof of his quality. “Immense creativity and virtuosity, which is sensed by just looking at his hands”, the words of Maestro Leo Brouwer raise Ricardo Gallén to a level of mastery very rarely seen. His rare combination of virtuosity and musicianship has captivated audiences around the world in solo recitals, duets or with orchestras in great concert halls such as the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the National Auditorium in Madrid, the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, the Auer Hall in Indiana University and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki among others. Ricardo Gallén has performed numerous Premiers of world known composers and participated in several projects under the direction of important conductors such as Maximiano Valdes, En Shao, Juan José Mena, Monica Huggett, Leo Brouwer, Jordi Savall and Seirgiu Comisiona. Ricardo has won numerous awards in important music competitions (Francisco Tárrega, Andrés Segovia, Markneukirchen among others) and held several teaching positions. In 2009 he received the honor of becoming one of the youngest musicians to obtain a professorship in the prestigious University of Music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar, Germany, a position that he holds until today. Ricardo Gallén is being a jury member in several international guitar competitions and he is giving Master Classes with great response. His recordings, since his very first album, receive sensational reviews. His last works of the Bach Complete Lute Works and Fernando Sor – Guitar Sonatas as well as his album En Silencio are being widely approved as masterpieces by the specialised press. Recently he has been awarded the Medal of Fine Arts by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Granada, Spain

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