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The SONG OF SONGS finds one of its most effective means of representation and expression in the polyphonic music of the Renaissance. audi, audi comprises some examples of masterpieces from the age, of varied origins and in general rarely recorded and performed, and hopes to contribute to spreading the appreciation for this refined, intense and expressive compositions.

Tiburtio Massaino: Audi, dulcis amica mea

Numen ensemble is a chamber choir formed in 2011, its members drawn from renowned choral ensembles (the Seville Baroque Choir, the Maestranza Theatre Choir in Seville, the OCG Choir, Ars Musica, Mater Saule). One of its main purposes is to make known less familiar musical works which are however of great value, in attractive programs such as Audi, audi. Also the name of its first CD, this Renaissance polyphonic repertoire, based on verses from the Song of Songs , was recorded on the Iberia Classical label in July 2012. Since then, Numen Ensemble has performed several concerts, among other important
events, the U?beda and Baeza International Early Music Festival or at Mene?ndez Pelayo International University in Santander, and has collaborated with Martin Schmidt or Rau?l Mallavibarrena as guest conductors.
Its founder and chief conductor, He?ctor Eliel Ma?rquez, was the OCG Chorus’s assistant conductor and is currently in charge of the Schola Pueri Cantores at Granada Cathedral. He studied piano and composition and completed his professional training with a Master of Arts, Majoring in Musical Performance, at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland. Furthermore, as a composer, he has produced a significant output of both solo and choral vocal works (First Prize at the Sixth ACCP International Composition Contest) and is also a member of the Granada Conservatory faculty.

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