Soiree Grenade

Antonio José: Sonata (IVmov)

Lazhar Cherouana

We are offered a musical tour of the Spanish and Spanish American guitar. Included are works by authors representing a wide typology, from the short piece to the grand sonata which, in one way or another, are related to Andalucia and some, specifically, to Granada. The title chosen for this recording comes from the second piece of Estampes (1903) by Claude Debussy, who becomes the leitmotif of this project. Soirée dans Grenade refers to afternoons recording in the Nogal baths of the city (Hamman to Yauza) or Bañuelo, an impressive vestige of the Arab past of the city (C11), which surrounds us with columns, arches, vaults and fanciful starry- shaped octagonal skylights. These elements give the recording a sound ambiance of crisp, precise reverberation, and on occasions, the distant singing of birds that seem to accompany the guitar. There, the spring sun fades in the skylights until the room is left in complete darkness, flooded by the guitar of Lazhar Cherouana, where there is only the music of Falla, Turina, Rodrigo … Soirée dans Grenade is also the work that inaugurated the series which Debussy composed, inspired by Spain, resulting in Iberia (Images pour Orchestre, II, 1905-8) and La Puerta del Vino (Preludes, II, 1913). These compositions in some way anticipate the sound atmosphere of the works contained in the present recording up to the textuality: a motif of the Soirée appears cited at the end of the Homenaje (Homage) that Manuel de Falla devoted to the French musician.



Lazhar Cherouana

Born in Vienne in 1988, at the age of 6 he starts his guitar career with the help of the professor Raphael Vaccaro. Later on he enters the National Conservatory of Lyon where he undertakes his studies with the well-known Peruvian artist and professor Jesus Castro finalizing them with a gold medal for unanimity. He after continues gaining more knowledge in the Real Superior Conservatory of Music where he obtained his diploma with honors. At present his is developing his career in the Mozarteum of Salzburg as well as in the Klagenfurt Conservatory (Austria) in Marco Tamayo’s class. In addition to this, he regularly receives advice from Judicael Perroy in Paris. He has also received lectures from Eduardo Fernández, Alirio Díaz, José Miguel Moreno, René Bartoli, Ricardo Gallén, Ignacio Rodes, Gerard Abiton, José Luís Rodrigo, Hubert Käppel y Leo Brouwer. He has been given a scholarship by the Filamonica Society of Lyon for doing the “Music in Compostela” course. He has won the first award for unanimity in Cezeriat, a second award won for unanimity in the BArtoli contest as well as the grant-award Hazen-Hosseschruders in the International meeting “City of Majadahonda”. He has been graduated with honors from the festival Andrés Segovia, where he won the Segovia Prize of the Music Festival in Compostela, the second prize in the contest of Elche and the first prize in the youth contest José Tomas de Petrer in 2009. In 2010 he wins the first professional competition prize “Jose Tomas”, Fiuggi and the first contest of Seville as well as the regional and national contests and lastly the European final which the Lion’s Club organizes. He has several recordings for the French television and has performed in cities like Lyon, Santiago de Compostela, Budapest, Marrakech, Salzburg, Bologna, Madrid, New York and Paris.