Spanish Memoirs

H. Buss: Spanish Memoirs


Diego Arias & Yu-Jung-Chung

Is an exciting new addition to the repertoire. It is characterized by spicy, zesty Latin rhythms juxtaposed with soaring lyrical melodies hugely influenced by jazz. The music is both accessible and sophisticated. A melodious trumpet part, an animated accompaniment featuring toe-tapping rhythms, some flashy mallet playing, and the influences of the jazz and Latin idioms will go a long way to ensure the success of this piece.”


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Howard J. Buss

Howard J. Buss (b. 1951) is recognized internationally as composer of contemporary classical music. His compositions have received critical acclaim and have been performed in more than 50 countries. His music is widely performed and frequently featured at national and international music conventions and festivals. They have been performed by faculty musicians from major universities as well as current and former members of prestigious organizations such as The Boston Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Buffalo Philharmonic, Israel Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, Vancouver Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, etc. A copy of his patriotic composition Fanfares is included in the Presidential Collection of Ronald Reagan. Buss’ more than 140 published works include instrumental solos, chamber music, symphonic, choral, and band works. The legendary Leon Russianoff described Dr. Buss’ style as imaginative, sincere, rewarding to both performers and audiences, and without the gimmickry which is so prevalent in contemporary music today.

Yu-Jung Chung

Born in Taiwan, Yu-Jung Chung graduated in 2002 from the music department at SOO-CHOW University in Taipei (Taiwan) under Lecturer Bor-Nien Hsu, founder and director of the “FORUM MUSIC” percussion ensemble in that city. Yu-Jung won senior prize and for virtuosity in percussion from the National Conservatory of the Region of Rueil-Malmaison (France) in 2004 with Gastón Sylvestre, and a chamber music prize. During that same stay, she studied the Zarb (an Iranian drum) with François Bedel in that same institution. While studying, she discovered Musical Theatre and contemporary music at the conservatory and in courses through works by such composers as François Bedel, Jean Pierre Drouet, George Aperghis, Carlos Roqué Alsina, Bernard de Vienne, Mauricio Kagel, etc. She also won second prize at the International Percussion Competition in Warsaw (Poland, 2004) and the Merit Award in the TIM competition (Spain, 2005). After settling in Spain in 2005, Yu-Jung Chung began the Spanish phase of her work, collaborating with the Granada City Orchestra, the Andalusia Philharmonic Orchestra, Almería City Orchestra, Granada Provincial Orchestra, etc. She is also a member of the early music group ONIRIA with whom she recorded the album <em>Trébol musical de cuatro hojas</em>. She is currently working in the Wind Orchestra of Granada and forms part of a number of chamber ensembles.

Diego Arias

Diego Arias Santiago completed his studies at the Victoria Eugenia Senior Conservatory in Granada (Spain) then continued in the National Conservatory of the Region of Rueil-Malmaison in Paris in Eric Aubier’s class where he won the 2004 senior prize and for excellence in trumpet and a chamber music prize, completing his training with teachers such as David Llavata, Juan José Serna, Laurent Bourdons, Dominique Brúnés, Marc Guejon. While in France, he played in various orchestras like the Orchestra of the Cité International Universitaire de Paris and the Ostinato Orchestra based at the Opera Comique in that city. As well, he has been involved in Spain with Almería City Orchestra, Granada City Orchestra, the Andalusia Philharmonic, the Wind Orchestra of Motril, the Maestro Falla band etc. He at present offers recitals and is a member of the Tañer Fantasía trumpet and organ Duo and of the trumpet and percussion contemporary music project.