Tangos y Milongas


Tangos y Milongas

Roberto Aussel, guitar

Paths, encounters, surprises, joys, sorrows, gratitude and an infinite space for research have been the components which led me to express in the present recording the feelings this music conveys to me. Europe, Buenos Aires and La Pampa it is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla by a European composer. The music from Buenos Aires and La Pampa harmonize in this record to express the soul of music. As Atahualpa Yupanqui said, a journey is made of endless arrivals. Discovering each of these pieces has given me an enormous motivation to learn and follow new paths, like a true channel telling a musical story. It is as if it were a very long trail. When you walk through it from a point to another to know and explore it, you find rest, you long to walk again to reach a new resting point and to start again.

Roberto Aussel’s style is recognizable from his first notes by the warm sounding and the persuasion of his touch. He was born on July 13, 1954 in La Plata, Argentina. He took his first steps with the guitar under the guidance of Norberto Piedrabuena. At this stage he learnt the basics of classical guitar technique and came into contact with the different airs of Argentinean folk music.

Ulrich Uhland Warnecke: Hommage à Piazzolla

After studying with several teachers, this first stage would end up with the encounter of one of the most eminent personalities of the guitar world: Mrs. María Luisa Anido. Her sound and the expressive character reproduced in each piece are engraved on her. Later he met Jorge Martinez Zárate, who was a decisive person for his artistic future. With him he entered the Juan José Castro Conservatory in Buenos Aires. He began his studies of contemporary guitar and prepared to emerge on the international scene. From 1972 to 1976 his talent was crowned by the first prizes of the most prestigious international competitions such as: Radio France in Paris, in 1975; Porto Alegre International Guitar Competition (Brazil) in 1975; Alirio Días International Guitar Competition in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1976. Roberto Aussel started an important career as a performer, his notoriety as an international concert performer does not cease to arouse the interest of the best musicians, as well as the usual guitar audience. He regularly performs recitals in numerous cities in Europe, Latin America, Japan, China and the United States. He has played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, the Colonne Orchestra of Paris, the National Orchestra of Lyon, the BBC Orchestra of London, the Philharmonic of Buenos Aires, and the Symphonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires. Roberto Aussel is keenly interested in contemporary music and dedicates it a large part of his activities. In 1979 he joined the Ensemble intercontemporain (Atelier Hans Zender) and the group Atelier Échange in 1982 and 1983. He collaborates with several composers and many have written for him. Among them are Marius Constant, Pascale Jakobowski, Marco Smaili, Francis Kleynjans, Francis Schwartz, Marlos Nobre, Edmundo Vasquez, Boris Gaquere, José Luis Narvaez, Raúl Maldonado, etc. Roberto Aussel is directly responsible for the first “Five Pieces for Guitar” written in 1980 by Astor Piazzolla. They were premiered in the composer’s presence that same year at UNESCO in Paris and immediately recorded for the Circe record label. Roberto Aussel has been a professor at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Germany, since 1995. He directs a collection of contemporary guitar music with publisher Henry Lemoine of Paris. In 1999, the Konex Foundation of Buenos Aires (Argentina) awarded him the prestigious “KONEX DE PLATINE” prize in the “plucked strings” category, which acknowledges him for his work over the last ten years. In 2016 he was awarded the “José Tomás Petrer Villa Honorary Prize” (Alicante) Spain.

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