Concertino Camera

J. Ibert: Concertino da camara




The present work is a homage to saxophone and everything that it means as an instrument, it is a tribute to everything related to it, from its origins to its performers and lovers. Those musicians who with the task of broadcasting, research, teaching, development of techniques, language, etc. have generated a corpus of original works of great interest to us their heirs. The result of that search is the four works presented in this album, in my opinion, the best examples of original music dedicated to the saxophone until the 50s of the last century, a privilege it shares with Sonata by Paul Hindemith, the saxophone quartet by Alexander Glazunov, the Op. 22 by Anton Webern and Légende opus 66 by Florent Schmitt. It interest me very much as saxophonist the possibility to offer music at the highest quality, it is the first reason why I choose this program of original music for saxophone.


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About repertoire

I’m interested in this quality because on one hand the saxophone deserves to have the best music, as the magnificent instrument that it is, with possibilities that we do not really know yet, and on the other hand, because as a musician I need this quality of the musical text to learn from it, and as a result we can humbly offer the best quality possible. I always thought that one of the big limitations of a saxophonist is that we all do not learn because the repertoire that we play for much of our career, especially in our education, above all is neoclassic style. I find it very difficult to provide at least an interesting version of the Glazunov’s Concert without having direct and deep contact with the music of Robert Schumann or with the idiomatic literature of string instruments.

Pedro Cámara Toldos

Pedro Pablo Cámara was born in Spain. He studied saxophone with the professor Vicente Toldos at the Conservatorio Profesional de Musica in Alcalá de Henares. He completed his Bachelor degree with honors in the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Las Islas Baleares. He obtained a Master degree in Music Performance and New Music in FHNW in Basel under the supervision of Marcus Weiss. Besides, he holds a master degree in musicology by the Universidad de La Rioja. He is member of Tamgram Project, ArtSoundQuartet, IVORY&REED, Opera Lab Berlin and the Neophon Ensemble. Also he collaborates regularly with the European Philarmonic of Switzerland, the Radio Frankfurt Orchestra and the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra. He has performed in many prestigious festivals, such as the Lucerne Festival, the Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, the Infektion Festival in the Staatsoper Berlin, the Adelboden Festival in Switzerland or the Impuls Academy in Graz-Austria. He has received advice from internationally recognized musicians as Sergio Azzolini, Rainer Schmidt, Ferenc Rados and Claudio M. Mehner. He regularly works with composers such as Far, Eun-Ji Lee, Jose Pablo Polo, Camilo Méndez, Abel Paul or Walter Zimmermann, among others. He has won more than 20 prizes in different international competitions, such as BOG-Competition, Orpheus-Competition, KHS Musikpresie, Nicati de Luze, and the 38 Concurs de musique Lyceum Club in Switzerland, and in the ChamberMusic-Competition Monserrat Alavedra. He had recorded 6 Cd’s. Currently he works with the label IBS Classical. He has written research articles for the journals “Docenotas”, “Revista Viento” and “Espacio Sonoro”. He teaches Saxophone and chamber music in International Community Music School in Basel and in the higher school of music education ‘Katarina Gurska in Madrid.