Mompou: Música Callada


Mompou: Música Callada

This music is silent because its audition is internal… Its emotion is secret and does only take a sound shape in its resonances under the huge cold dome of our solitude. Federico Mompou described this way in his admission speech to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint George not only the profound significance of his work titled Silent Music, but also his essential values and the sensitive attitude of both interpreter and listener to submerge in the asceticism that its course proposes. A description which is in line with the author of the verses that stimulated so much sound beauty, the most illustrious of our mystics, Saint John of the Cross, who, in the Prologue to his The Spiritual Canticle, names the explicit music in his verses: silent, because it is calm and peaceful intelligence.

Federico Mompou: Música Callada (III.Placide)

Although each book of Mompou’s Silent Music is composed on different tempi, the work possess a united structure; the configuration in four books only responds to its chronological order of composition and not to a formal organization previously designed. It is true that the period of eight years in which the work was composed presumes an evident evolution of the composer’s maturity, but it is nonetheless true that Mompou’s purpose on his own musical evolution was already defined long ago, and therefore the relation between each of the books that conform this work is the consequence of his own maturity and not the answer to a programmatic configuration. The four books do not formulate as four parts, but as a unity of 28 microstructures of experiential content, through which the composer disposes the formal coherence and develops a free, versatile and differentiate dynamic expression.
Is considered by critics as one of the most outstanding and eclectic spanish pianists of his generation. Versatile musician is founder and artistic director of the Festival of Contemporary Music “Cristóbal Halffter” of Ponferrada, his interest in the music of our time has led him to premiere works of various composers such as A. Noguera, Novel Sámano, Jesús Carmona, Vito Palumbo among others, many of which have been written specifically for him. Born in Santander begins his musical studies with Susana Mañanes, Marta Gamaza and Michel Mañanes. Later entering the chair of teacher Joaquín Soriano in the RCSM of Madrid from 1991 to 1995, year in which he joined the Gulidhall School of Music in London where he will work with pianists Peter Bithell and James Gibb, obtaining the AIS in 1998. From that moment he continues his training with the pianist Seguey Yerokhin. In parallel he completes his training with Ricardo Requejo and Julian Jacobson, Luis Angel Martinez, Joaquín Soriano, Fanny Waterman, Peter Bithell, James Gibb, Eulalia Soler, Serguei Yerokhin, Jan Michiels, Dominique Merlet, among others. Laureate in numerous international competitions has won the First Prize in the International Piano Competition Ricard Viñes in 1999, the Third Prize in the International Piano Competition of Ibiza in 1999, the Special Diploma in the International Piano Competition City de Ferrol in 1999, of the Honor Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts of Sabadell. Diploma First Academy as well as the Silver Medal of Musical Youth in 1994. His concert activity has led him to perform in various cities in Europe, highlighting his participation in the Festivals as well as Soloist, Chamber Music, and Orchestra (National Philharmonic of Transilvania, Sinfónica del Vallés) under the direction of Georghe Dumanescu, Edmón Colomer. He is invited to participate as a jury in various Piano Competitions such as the Ricard Viñes International Piano Competition, Hazen Piano Competition, Regino Sainz de la Maza music competition, among others.

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