Sensations: Alberdi

A. Piazzolla: Five Tango Sensations - 2.Loving


Iñaki Alberdi

The accordion – an instrument of our present time – creates new life thanks to its colors, its timbres, its vast range, its complex polyphonies, and its contrasting or progressive dynamics – but primarily due to its capacity to breathe air and life into sound. This compact disc is a journey to my past, to my origins, and to my special relation with this repertoire. It features music firmly anchored in tradition, and it proposes different ways of getting to know the accordion: its means of expression, its origins as an instrument. Thus, throughout this journey, we have become acquainted with a series of musical viewpoints from the vantage point of the accordion: different ways of viewing the orchestra, the piano, the organ, the harmonium, the harpsichord and, finally, the bandoneon. Nevertheless, despite all those angles, the accordion only seeks to sound like itself. That is the best way it can make its own contribution to these original creations: by providing its most genuine characteristics instead of attempting to imitate the natural qualities of other instruments. The different periods, aesthetics and materials employed by the authors give me the opportunity to show myself as I am, remaining faithful to my musical roots – knowing and realizing that the source of inspiration for those roots lies first and foremost in the music itself, rather than in a certain instrumental perspective.


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