Mozart Piano Trios


The complete 6 Piano Trios by Mozart, as interpreted here by the Vega Trio, are works of high aesthetic value that will not only be a pleasure for the listener but also an enriching source of knowledge and reflection for the scholar. His aesthetic and formal relationship with Haydn’s 43 trios and the 6 attributed to Beethoven mark out an ideal path for discovery in this sense. Haydn will become a formal discourse, according to the new parameters of the sonata form, that he inherited from the Baroque: the Sonata Trio (Trio-sonata), based on the structural patterns of Sonatas da Chiesa or da Camera, in which one or more leading instruments are accompanied harmonically by a basso continuo. Mozart, in addition to stamping an expressive seal of narrative character onto the “sonata” form in each of his 6 Trios, progressively disconnects the “accompanying” instruments from their merely harmonic function in order to enable them to play a leading role, incorporating the piano´s concertante character into the formal structure with respect to string instruments.


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Trio Vega

Made up of three magnificent instrumentalists, the Vega Trio showed excellent cohesion, contrasts and balance. Their interpretation presented romantic music dominated by consonance and good taste but where conlict and tension were not far off. They offered versions of clear textures, very well articulated, incisive and tense, as well interwoven and transparent were the dense polifonic lines as were the melodic passages well sung.” (Pablo J. Vayón – Diario de Sevilla). The members of the Vega Trio have been awared with prizes in national and international competitions such as first prize for violin in “Rovere d’Oro” international competition of Italy, the “Birdie Warshaw” prize for cello, first prize in the “Dorothy Adams String Quartet Competion” and the “Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award”. With this, and other ensembles, they have performed in concert halls in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, The United States, The Czech Republic and Japan. Of note are performances at Wigmore Hall, the Philharmonic Society of Lima, the Gaveau hall in Paris, the Toppan Hall in Tokyo, the Mozart Hall in Boloña, the Mozart Festival of La Coruña, the Menuhin Festival of Gstaad, Musicades of Lyon, Swiss Schubertiades, the Conservatory of Paris, the Festival of Santander, the Menuhin Festival, the Festival of Baden-Baden, the Ludwigsburger Festival, the Botín Foundation of Santander and the Juan March Foundation of Madrid. The Vega Trio has recorded the complete trios of Giuseppe Martucci for the Naxos label as well as recording for radio Espace2 and DRS2 (Switzerland), the BBC2 in Londres and TVE2 in Spain. Yasuyo Yano teaches piano, pianoforte and chamber music since 1996 at the University of Applied Art and Sciences of Lucerne. She owes her international recognition to her command of the pianoforte. Marc Paquin is at present leader in the City of Granada Orchestra. He plays a violín made in 2015 of his own construction, violin making being his second profession. Orfilia Saiz Vega teaches at the Conservatory of Granada and is member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of this city. She has published works of cello pedagogy and plays an instrument constructed by Marc Paquin in 2012.