Polo & Zabaleta

S. Rachmaninov: Sonata (IIImov.)


Asier Polo & Marta Zabaleta

According to Stefan Zweig, for artists in 1900, “belief in irresistible progress had the force of a religion”. However, the word “progress” had different meanings at the turn of this century, seen in the four compositions offered in this recording. Written in little more than twenty years, the four bear witness to the variety of views and richness of colours, ideas and sonorous languages opening the twentieth century, so close in time … so far away. Franck, Glazunov, Rachmaninov, Ravel. Four views, from national affirmation, the beauty of conformism, the design of melancholy or intellectual quest. So close … So far. Asier Polo and Marta Zabaleta. A journey to the depths of the soul.


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