W. Lutoslawski: Variations on a theme of Paganini


Del Valle Piano Duo

Impulse is a project born with a clear communicative intention. This is our first recording project, and thus must become our “carte de visite”, our identity, a record with which we can get through to the audiences and which clearly expresses who we are as artists. But Impulse is much more than a debut album: it states our intentions being the first in a series of albums that will claim our instrumental formation as a piano duo. This formation has been neglected for many years and is still associated by many with certain amateurism, as was the case with the string quartet until recently. However, the piano duo is a group that demands perfection in their performers. Possibly, along with the quartet, it is the only group in the field of chamber music that requires such a high specialization. The piano, whose sound response is immediate, increases the difficulty of achieving a uniform performance simultaneously from the two musicians: playing 4 hands or 2 pianos, any mismatch is perceived, there is no room for inaccuracy. Both pianists must use the same attack, controlling their weight, mass, speed…


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The performance

The performance must be perfect, and this can only be achieved by having the same thought, understanding the exact nature of the work, beating as one in a performance with a clear musical inner impulse. Coming to understand this inner impulse is like getting to the heart of music, where everything converges and takes place in the most natural way, where perfection becomes paradoxically simple. All music has its own Impulse, and through this record we assume its search with a repertoire that represents the richness of a group such as the piano duo. Here’s our repertoire, from the two pianos to four-hands, from sheer complexity to the art of simplicity, from the orchestral sounds that evoke spectacular moments to moments of true intimacy. With works by Lutoslawski, Mozart, Ligeti, Ravel and Gershwin, we present an in-depth studio of piano duo where all its expressive possibilities are explored. Spontaneity, freshness, dialogue, lyricism, game, intimacy and simplicity coexist in this project with the virtuosity, complexity, spectacular nature of symphonic orchestration. Thus, this album features the piano duo as it deserves to be shown, as a major chamber group, as a fundamental ensemble of historical significance, cultivated by the greatest composers from the eighteenth century until today.

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Scherzo Review