Danzas en todos los tiempos


Danzas en todos los tiempos

music without trace
which conceals the rhythm of life

In this voyage through dance in music for keyboard, Edith Peña draws her traces in the air for us, we recreate the movements in our imagination (we almost see the “dance fairy”) and we attend the dance of life.

One dances in the air without traces. It is the wonder of the ephemeral in permanent dialog with life. One dances to live: dances are born and die with the choreographer, the performer, or the spectator. We can not catch the bodies, movements or space but in music remains the rhythm of life. Since the Renaissance the dance master gracefully shapes folk dances and takes the high dances (which are jumped such as the Chaconne or the Gallarda, rhythmic, less connected and relatively spontaneous) toward other lower ones (such as the Pavanne or the Minueto of more glided movements) more melodic, connected and solemn.

Isaac Albéniz: Rondeña

EDITH PEÑA’s artistic achievements are inscribed in the generation of the most important musical talents that emerged from Venezuela in the 90’s and that continue carrying the charisma, polished technique and interpretative elegance of the south american pianists. Born in Caracas, where she started her musical education with
Lyl Tiempo at the age of four years old. Four years later she played her debut as soloist with the Oquesta Sinfónica Venezuela and that same year moved to Philadelphia to continue her studies with Susan Starr and later with Sergei Babayan in Cleveland. She is a regular guest soloist with all the orchestras in her native Venezuela and is also a solo recitalist and soloist with other orchestras in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, France, USA, México, Perú, Dominican Republic, Spain, United Kingdom and Canada. She has recorded for Venezuelan National Radio, Spanish National Radio, Radio France, WFLN in Philadelphia as well as a CD for the 70th anniversary of the Orquesta Sinfónica Venezuela performing Saint-Saens second piano concerto, as well as a solo CD of Venezuelan music for piano. She actually lives in Madrid from where she continues her concert activity.

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