Granados Piano

E. Granados: Andantino espressivo


Emilio González

The piano works selected for this recording clearly bring together the three facets of Enrique Granados, composer, pianist and teacher. Granados composed these delightful piano pieces thinking of young pianists, students at his Academy, inviting them to participate in the works he would later share with his intimates, unequivocally awakening a love of music. Apart from encouraging a love of music, Granados points to major details of a great teacher, intelligent fingering, and use of the pedal with a great sense of colour and resonances.


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«Six Expressive Studies» in the form of easy pieces recall his supposed Op. 1 «Tales of Youth» given the same subtitle «in the form of easy pieces». If the aroma of Schumann is to be perceived there, in the «Six Studies» the influence can be perceived, logical on the other hand, of Chopin. «Andante espressivo» is also a study, not perhaps composed with the same intention of highlighting technical questions, but in it a precursor may be found to «Goyescas», which was to be his masterpiece. Five of the seven “Scenes from Childhood” in principle making up this Notebook are heard here: «Speaking formally», «Asking forgiveness», «The child sleeps», «Crying child» and «Another melody». The four «Sketches» continue in the compositional line of his revered antecedents. In this work,»esquisse» to use the French term, the influence is noted of Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt,…