El Piano Olvidado


El Piano Olvidado

The pianist’s task is extraordinary in terms of the recovery of a heritage but much more because of its artistic beauty. The four titles are multifaceted notebooks, their composers offering contrasting aspects of their beliefs and technique. Deeply involved in the highly cultivated Spanish dances of Pittaluga’s Suite and Bacarisse’s 24 Preludes, surprising with the richness offered in the elaborate wake of Chopin, Mantecón’s delightful album, his major achievement, and the chromatic daring of Bautista, probably related to Messiaen, Robaina deploys a masterly range of touches, timbres and phrasing. They do express the influences as performer but also the demand of a rigorous stylistic quest within this singular repertoire that he absorbs and transforms, perfectly located in a time difficult for spirituality, happily restored to its grandeur by such initiatives.

Salvador Bacarisse: Prelude Op.34 Nº4

Born in the Canary Islands, the pianist J. Robaina completed his musical studies in Vienna obtaining maximum qualifications. After winning several national and international competitions he has performed in the most prestigious musical festivals in Spain and in very important Concert Halls around the world, such as the Festspielhaus in Salzburg, the Musikverein in Vienna or at the Philarmonie in Cologne and at the Carnegie Hall in New York. As a soloist, he has collaborated with the Asturias Symphony Orchestra, the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orquestra, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, the Ciudad de Oviedo Symphony Orchestra, the Córdoba Orchestra, the Spanish National Orchestra, the RTVE Orchestra, the Polish RTV Orchestra, the Murcia Orchestra, the Hungarian Chamber Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Mozat Orchestra amongst others. He has worked under the baton of conductors such as Charles Dutoit, Victor Pablo Pérez, A. Witt, Odón Alonso, Manuel Hernández Silva, A. Ramírez Iborra, Max Valdés, Ros Marbá and A. Leaper.

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