Ancora un segreto

F. Listz: Piano Sonata in B minor (select)


Alfred Brendel

This CD contains, firstly, the lecture given by Alfred Brendel during his London residence on the 12th of April 2016, recorded by Francisco Moya with Juan Carlos Garvayo as a producer. Secondly, Franz Liszt’s Sonata in B Minor, in Brendel’s legendary 1958 recording for Vox Records. And finally, my piece Ancora un segreto, Hommage-Sonate per Alfred Brendel, recorded on 21 December 2015 at the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada by Juan Carlos Garvayo. A recording which I contributed to with the keenest critical listening possible, during the preparatory sessions by our Granadian pianist. (Mauricio Sotelo, composer)


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