Alto Mystic

Jesús Torres: Piezas Místicas - II.Llama


Ana Alonso

The title chosen for this document, ALTO MYSTIC, reflects what the violist Ana María Alonso and the IBS-CLASSICAL label wanted to suggest as the universe enclosed in an instrument full of secrets such as the viola, an instrument that has transcended from the orchestral ripieno scene to a solo virtuosity in a relatively short time. The accurate reference to the etymological origin of the term (from the Greek mystikós whose first meaning is about something arcane and mysterious) not only reveals the intention of discovering the timbre and expressive effects of the viola but to inducing composers to penetrate into their mysterious world through the works composed for this occasion. In this sense, interpreter and composers have achieved their purpose, without a doubt; Ana María Alonso discovering the subtleties of the viola´s timbre through a technical and expressive refinement of the highest instrumental conception, and the ten composers, each from their creativity, constructing an enriching musical poetic discourse, not only for the violistic repertoire, but for the music itself.


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Ana Maria Alonso

Ana María Alonso is an artist very committed to music who is especially devoted to contemporary music. She made her debut at the age of 15, taking part of “Proyecto Guerrero” directed by José Ramón Encinar. Since, she has premiered works of Spanish composers with whom she has collaborated closely. She has worked, amongt others, under Peter Eötvos, Zsolt Nagy, Cristóbal Halffter, Pedro Halffter, Peter Rundel, Fabian Panisello, Arturo Tamayo, José Ramón Encinar, and José Luis Temes Between its recordings they emphasize the work Immersion (work for solo viola that dedicates Cesar Camarero), that recorded in it monograph of Cesar Camarero and live in the Sendesaal of Bremen, along with Aria for viola and piano, In the measurement of the things for clarinet, viola, cello, piano and soprano; the monographs by Fabian Panisello, José Manuel López López and György Ligeti for the stamps; Col Legno, Verso and Neos among others. She has collaborated as a soloist with “La Banda Municipal de Madrid” playing an arrangement of the Sonata for Viola by Rebecca Clarke at the Teatro Monumental de Madrid. She participated in Guerrero’s project by playing L.Berio’s solo for viola “Sequenza VI”, as well as the Sonata Solo for Viola by G. Ligeti, at the Chamber Hall at the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid. She interpreted L. Berio’s Sequenza VI and Stravinski’s solo for viola “Elegy” live at Jaboco Durán Loriga’s radio show “La Noche Cromática”. Ana María has been soloist for the “Orquesta de Cámara Freixenet”, “Camerata del Prado”, “Orchestra Milenium”, “Orquesta Sinfónica Verum”, as well as the “Orquesta Nacional de España”, “Orquestra Sinfónica de Madrid” and “Orquestra Sinfónica de Valencia”. Between 1998 and 2009, she was a member of the “Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, with which she performed at countless concerts in America, Europe and Spain. She has been trained as a soiloist and chamber musician by Caridad Zarco, Dionisio Rodríguez, Thuan Do-Minh, Piero Farulli, Antonello Farulli, Gerard Caussé, Enrique Santiago, Daniel Benyamini, Anabela Chaves, Tabea Zimmerman and Andrei Gridchuck. Since 2005, she has been a member of the Plural Ensemble with which she has performed at various festivals Aspekte in Salzburg, Music in Strasburg, Música Contemporánea in Alicante, Festival Internacional de Santander, Bienalle in Venecia and cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Venetia, Bremen, Vienna and Hamburg. She collaborates with artist such as Rafael Amargo, Antonio Canales, David Peña (Dorantes), Manolo Carrasco, Cómplices,etc. Ana María plays a viola which has been especially custom made for her by the luthier Laurent López.