“…a livelier imagination and a more open-minded curiosity than is sometimes shown by the large record companies. IBS Classical is a good example, as is revealed by its select catalog.”

[Mundo Clasico – Raúl González Arévalo]

“The recording, with a splendid sound and image quality, provide this CD/DVD with beauty and quality that goes beyond the expected, even for the observers.”

[Scherzo – J.L. García del Busto]

 “…this version is among the best five recordings of this Bach masterpiece”

[Gramophone magazine]

“With the accustomed quality of IBS, the pianist presents herself dazzling”

[RITMO magazine]

“When IBS was born and I met Paco Moya, I understood that he was the person that was going to support the Spanish performers”

[Asier Polo – Diario de Sevilla]

IBS Classical, a powerful and mature project, behind which there are two professional musicians. Their passion has always been the sound, the world of recording …” 

[Platea Magazine]

“I positively value the fact that the recording reflects so reliably the sound characteristics of the two instruments”

[Codalario – A. Achúcarro]

“Without doubt, this is one of the best versions I have heard of this work and that I will remember for a long time”

[Melómano – F.J. Balsera]

“Absolute wise choice in the content and presentation of the new production of IBS label”

[RITMO – J.L. Arévalo]

“Willingness to serve in the programming, quality of the selected music and very good performances… that is, a splendid CD”

[Scherzo – J.L. García del Busto]