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MOURAT Guitar Works

Jean Maurice MOURAT, composer

José Luis Morillas, guitar
Eduardo Inestal, guitar
Joaquín Clerch, guitar
Atsuko Neriishi, violín
Javier Castiblanque, flute
Mery Coronado, cello
Hécto Eliel Márquez, piano

Suite Alandalus: I.Leyenda (Javier Castiblanque, flute & José Luis Morillas, guitar)

Iberiade (Atsuko Neriishi, violin & José Luis Morillas, guitar)

Among the Spanish sources from the first third of the seventeenth century, the Cancionero de la Sablonara holds a very special place. It was prepared between 1625 and 1626 for a German noble, Wolfang Wilhelm, who held, among other titles of nobility, those of count palatine and duke of Neoburg and who had visited the court in Madrid between October 1624 and May 1625. This aristocratic music lover showed enthusiasm for the secular vocal music he heard at the court and, at the end of his trip, requested an anthology for his personal pleasure; it was compiled and copied with great care and beautiful calligraphy by Claudio de la Sablonara, main scriptor—copyist—of the Royal Chapel. The collection contains seventy-five pieces, including “the best songs that are sung in this court,” according to the compiler. This important source, preserved at Munich’s Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, features poems in Spanish and Italian metric forms. There are fewer examples of the latter: merely eight compositions written in liras [six-verse stanzas] and one sonnet. The Castilian forms, on the other hand, are represented by five romances [ballads] without a refrain, twenty-nine with a refrain, eighteen letrillas [lyrical poems], eleven romances with a lyrical poem at the end, two series of seguidillas, and several décimas [ten-verse stanzas].

Jean-Maurice Mourat is a French classical guitarist and lutenist who pursued his musical studies in Paris where he met his professor and future friend Oscar Ghiglia who passed on his love for the instrument and for pedagogy. Head of several music conservatories and guitar instructor, he was responsible for several summer chamber music classes and international guitar competitions. He was the first one to publish a video class for guitar based on his method Six cordes... une guitare -One guitar and six strings- along with another renown methods of his like La guitare classique. While pursuing his musical career as a concertist, Jean-Maurice Mourat played a significant role as a composer, publisher for guitar and other instruments, and promoter of the instrument. He is editor for the French music publishers Combre and Billaudot and the Canadian Les Productions d’Oz. He was awarded from the French Minister of Education the title of “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” in March 1990 and “Officier des Palmes académiques” in 2001. On February 29th 2012, on the 25th anniversary celebration of the death of Andrés Segovia, he received the special Medal Andrés Segovia, a most remarkable and unique award. He has been living in Granada since 1987 where he divides his time between his two passions music and painting.
José Luis Morillas, guitar player from the city of Guadix (Granada), finishes his musical training in the “Conservatorio Superior de Música Victoria Eugenia” in Granada, “Óscar Esplá” in Alicante, in Düsseldorf and in the “Hoschschule für Musik Franz Liszt” in Weimar, under the supervision of Carmelo Martínez, Ignacio Rodes, Joaquín Clerch and Ricardo Gallén and with the guidance of David Martínez through all his career. He graduates with “High Honors” and “Cum Laude” award. Since a young age, José Luis developes an important artistic activity, giving recitals as a soloist and with chamber music groups, with national and international exposure. Some of the venues where he has played are: “Philarmonic Hall” (Kirov – Russia), “Shanghai City Thea-tre” (Shanghai - China), “Kültür Salonu” (Antalya - Turkey), “Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein” (Mottola - Italy), “Partika-Saal” (Düsseldorf – Germany), “Auditorio Manuel de Falla” (Granada – Spain). José Luis achieves big success with ensembles such as the Orchestra of the City of Granada, the Orchestra of the City of Almería or the Youth Orchestra of Andalucía, working with great conductors as E. García Asensio, A. Tamayo o M. Thomas. Recently he records with MedienKontor Movie GmbH the documentary “…Gitarren in Granada”, broadcast by 360º GEO Reportage (Arte). His fourteen national and international awards summarize his wide artistic career and evaluation. As a chamber musician stands out his concern for the search of new perspectives working together with the voice of Damon Robinson, the classical guitar of David Martínez or the flamenco guitar of José Fernández “Tomatito”. Nowadays José Luis is a classical guitar teacher in the “Conservatorio Profesional de Música Carlos Ros” in Guadix (Granada)

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