Paula Coronas


Paula Coronas

Paula Coronas is one of the most outstanding pianists of her generation. Born in Malaga, she completed her musical studies with the highest marks at the Conservatoire of Music of her home town under the guidance of Professor Horacio Socías. Later, she perfected her technique with Professor Ana Guijarro and with the teacher and concert pianist Anatoli Povzoun, who had worked on Spanish music with excellent masters such as Antoni Beses and Esteban Sánchez. Her facet as a researcher and compiler of the Andalusian and Spanish musical heritage is truly remarkable, as she is the author of five books, numerous articles in addition to having collaborated in specialised magazines. Her career has been awarded by unnumbered prizes in the following national and international competitions: Marisa Montiel Competition (where she received the Special Prize as Spanish Music Interpreter); Ibiza International First Prize; Pio Tur International Prize; Mention of Honor in the Gregorio Baudot Competition (Ferrol); City of Melilla Prize; City of Berga Prize (Barcelona); Lions Club Second Prize; Samuel de los Santos Prize in the Young Pianists Competition in Albacete, and Villa de Sahagún Young Concertists Prize in León, among others.At present, apart from having gained a Phd in Communication and Music from the University of Málaga, she is a tenured professor at the “Manuel Carra” Professional Music Conservatoire in Malaga as well as being an industrious committee member of the Athenaeum Music Society of that city. She is the editor of the music magazine Intermezzo and the artistic director of various musical cycles in Andalusia. Her musical career and work have been distinguished and honoured with the noteworthy Andalusia Prize (given to prominent figures by the regional Government) and the Federation of Andalusian Athenaeums Culture Prize for her contribution to the dissemination of music. It is important to make mention of the numerous piano recitals and concerts with orchestra she has performed on the best Spanish and European stages. It is also worth highlighting her many and various recordings for the National Classical Music Radio Channel (RNE) and the National Television Broadcast Channel. Furthermore, among her many excellent works, there appears to be a wide range of recordings, along with more than a dozen albums, including her intensive cultivation of the piano work by the master Antón García Abril. His exquisite composition Alba de los Caminos (Dawn of the Paths) was dedicated to Paula Coronas, who offered her piano virtuosity on its world premiere.

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Paula Coronas, piano

Femmes d’Espagne (Spanish Women) is a tribute to eight composers, most of whom are also pianists, who made Andalusia their musical homeland and spread it all over the world. Just as she usually does in her piano recitals, the versatile Paula Coronas has united in this record acclaimed authors with others not yet much known and in need for a revival of their music, thus emphasizing her unwavering personal commitment to Spanish music of the last two centuries. The interpretations of the malagueña (a traditional flamenco variety from Málaga), forged from the extensive knowledge of the foremost works of piano literature, dignify and update these pages. This recording means a contribution for future generations to gain an understanding and to become aware of the historical relevance of those figures that ennobled the meridional folkloric music styles and turned them into a distinctly Spanish pianism: a genuine and extraordinary music art.

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