IBS Classical


“…a livelier imagination and a more open-minded curiosity than is sometimes shown by the large record companies. IBS Classical is a good example, as is revealed by its select catalog.”

[Mundo Clasico – Raúl González Arévalo]

 “The recording, with a splendid sound and image quality, provide this CD/DVD with beauty and quality that goes beyond the expected, even for the observers.” [Scherzo - J.L. García del Busto]

 “…this version is among the best five recordings of this Bach masterpiece” [Gramophone magazine]

“With the accustomed quality of IBS, the pianist presents herself dazzling” [RITMO magazine]

“When IBS was born and I met Paco Moya, I understood that he was the person that was going to support the Spanish performers”  [Asier Polo – Diario de Sevilla]

IBS Classical, a powerful and mature project, behind which there are two professional musicians. Their passion has always been the sound, the world of recording …”  [Platea Magazine]

“I positively value the fact that the recording reflects so reliably the sound characteristics of the two instruments” [Codalario – A. Achúcarro]

“Without doubt, this is one of the best versions I have heard of this work and that I will remember for a long time” [Melómano – F.J. Balsera]

“Absolute wise choice in the content and presentation of the new production of IBS label” [RITMO - J.L. Arévalo]

“Willingness to serve in the programming, quality of the selected music and very good performances… that is, a splendid CD” [Scherzo – J.L. García del Busto]

 “The pleasure of hearing this sequence two or three times, is not offered in recitals… I take my hat off”  [Scherzo - Santiago Martín Bermúdez]

 “… accomplished and edited with estimable care by the recording label IBS Classical”  [Scherzo – José A. Cantón]


A Spanish recording label founded in 2012 and which, in a few years, has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the most prolific in its field. Its productions have received many awards, such as a four Grammy nominations as best Classical Music Album (2016, 2018, 2019), Gramophone disc editors choice, Nomination to the ICMA European Awards, 12 “Melómano de Oro” prizes, 5 “Exceptional” distinctions from Scherzo Magazine, Díapason magazine France, Classica magazine France, a number of High Parades from Rhythm Magazine, Fanfare Magazine’s 2015 disc of the year in the United States, etc.

IBS Classical has already gained an international recognition. As an example, the English magazine Gramophone, has chosen the album "Goldberg Variations" of IBS among the 5 best modern recordings of the famous work by Bach. Another example is the album "Danzas en Todos los Tiempos", which was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards as best classical music album in 2016; and so, productions with up to three distinctions.

The company operates in all lines of production, from early to contemporary music, from soloists to chamber ensembles and from large orchestral productions to opera. As part of its working philosophy, it pays particular attention to the Musical Heritage of Spain and the recovery of works in this country, as well as in the rest of Europe and worldwide. It also promotes the diffusion of new creations, especially European, Spanish and Latin American composers and performers.

IBS Classical counts on its own means of production to carry on its recordings: producers with high musical knowledge, sound engineers, best-quality microphones and technological resources specialized in the recording of classical music. Recordings are always performed in auditoriums and spaces intended for performance in concert.

There are many institutions that have trusted IBS Classical, collaborating with the label in their productions: BBVA Foundation, Ferruccio Busoni Foundation, INAEM, Ministry of Culture of Spain, Department of Culture of Comunidad de Madrid, Area of Culture of the Basque Country Government, Junta de Andalucía, Generalitat of Cataluña, etc.

IBS Classical distributes its CDs physically through Naxos Global Logistic, with distributors in more than forty countries around the globe. In addition to the standard channels, IBS recordings are available in specialized, digital stores of high quality classical music, such as AllMusic, ArkivMusic, Primephonic, emusic, ProStudioMasters, eclassical, etc. through which IBS Classical recordings are available in HD, DXD, Binaural 3D, etc.